God Loves Me

Inspired by the love Jesus has for us through His sacrifice and resurrection, this 3-part lesson series will bring kids closer to this beautiful Psalm, and how much God loves them.

The lessons are designed for all ages. The activity sheets will vary depending on the age of the child. All materials are in .pdf format and printable.

Parents: Print the Lesson Material and read through it before beginning and decide which activity sheets to print. You may decide how much of the lesson plan to read to your child(ren). Help your child with answers as you discuss the questions.

Part 1: God Loves Me / Jesus Loves Me

Lesson 1 Material
Colouring Page
Cross Word Puzzle

Part 2: God is with Me / Jesus is with Me

Lesson 2 Material
Cross Word Puzzle
Craft: Shepherd’s Staff (this link shows an example of what can be done)

Part 3: God will Bless Me / Jesus will Bless Me

Lesson 3 Material
Cross Word Puzzle
Skit: Tommy’s Video Game
Skit: Cathy’s First Car